Anyone Can Shop. Everyone Can Join.

How do I become an owner of the Ashland Food Co-op?

  1. Fill out a form online or contact owner services. Click here to sign up online.

  2. One refundable investment of $100 into the Co-op makes you an owner. Payment plans start at just $10 and you still receive full benefits right away.*

  3. Enjoy all of the benefits of Co-op ownership!

*By choosing to invest $10 initially, you will be enrolled in our payment program owing $10 every 3 months until the $100 investment is paid in full.

Benefits of Ownership

  • Patronage Dividend- Every year, a portion of the Co-op’s profit is distributed to cooperative owners. Owners receive a dividend proportional to what they spent at the Co-op and the amount retained goes to expanding and improving our cooperative!
  • Coupons- Owners receive 10% off one entire purchase 6x per year. Owners also receive a 3% discount on Gift Cards purchased with cash or check. View the 2023 Owner Coupon Schedule.
  • 1st Street Beet- Our quarterly e-newsletter, 1st Street Beet is delivered straight to your inbox bringing current news on all things AFC, Southern Oregon, and Co-op life!
  • Education- Cooking, gardening, sustainability, and affordable shopping are just some of the topics we cover in our educational classes. Get $5 off classes and a discount on kid’s camps as an owner.
  • Involvement in your Community- Every owner is invited to vote and/or run in democratic Board of Director elections, serve on committees which range from Finance; Sustainability; Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion; AFC Gives; and more.

Join for the Benefits, Stay for the Values

  • Support sustainability- Every owner can opt into paperless receipts, join our Bicycle Benefits program, purchase and use a Rogue to Go container, use a reusable shopping bag and even recycle wine corks. Our energy policy is something to behold (100% of our carbon emissions are offset, we have the city’s largest solar panel array, and in 2020 alone we reduced 5.8% of our natural gas use!) and we divert a vast majority of our waste from landfills.
  • Give back- One of our local partners, Ashland Food Angels, receives daily food donations of fresh, organic produce that they then distribute to folks in need in the Rogue Valley. We even donate our pre-consumer food scraps to local farmers to use as animal fodder and rich compost material! Every year we donate a percentage of sales to area nonprofits through Community Grants under AFC Gives. We also offer Change for Good, a program that benefits a monthly slate of organizations (focused on issues such as climate, culture, anti-racism, and healthy food) voted on by Co-op owners, through the cumulative donations of shoppers choosing to round-up their shopping total at the register.
  • Product standards- We offer the best selection of local, sustainable, and supremely fresh products. We strive to be completely free of GMOs and offer certified organic products at an affordable price through our Co-op Basics program. Our partnerships with area producers (local=less than 100 miles) are rooted in shared values of land stewardship, compassion for animals, and creating the most outstanding product possible.
  • Embrace our Local Economy- Every $1 spent at the Co-op has 3x the local economic impact as $1 spent at a traditional grocery store. You already love shopping at the Co-op but becoming an owner is the next step of investing in the kind of businesses you want to see succeed.


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