Community Grants

Our Community Grants Application opens once a year, and is scheduled to be available to fill out in the summer, once Change for Good partners have been elected.

Our Community Grants funding program has been giving back to our community for more than two decades now. Each year, the Ashland Food Co-op's Board of Directors sets aside a small percentage of sales from the previous year, into a CDI with the help of our friends at Twin Pines which allows this small percentage to grow into something bigger to fund the Community Program.
These funds support local projects that align with our vision of enhancing health and enriching the community while promoting our mission to provide education about food, nutrition, and health. These local organizations are the heartbeat of our community, and we are proud to contribute these grants to assist in funding projects that are either already in the works or ready to get funded. In 2020, we proudly donated over $24,000 to 27 area nonprofit organizations doing excellent work within our community.

Community Grant award recipients 2019

2019 Community Grant Recipients

Applicants are required to be a 501c3 organization (EIN number is required), or have a 501c3 as your fiscal sponsor.
Applicants must also be an Ashland Food Co-op owner whether it be the individual applying, a member of your board, staff, or a key donor.
Application will prompt organizations for their project strategy, sequence of activities, and timeline along with how their project will address equity, diversity, and inclusion.

Non-profit organizations are encouraged to request program funding in one of our four grant categories:

Food and/or Supportive Services for People in Need
Grants in this category fund organizations or projects that strengthen our community by helping those with the greatest unmet needs.

Educational Programs Focused on Food, Nutrition and Health
Grants in this category fund organizations or projects that teach us about the benefits of healthy food and nutrition.

Environmental Stewardship
Grants in this category fund organizations or hands-on projects that improve or restore our natural environment.

Education on the Environment or Environmental Sustainability
Grants in this category fund organizations or projects that teach us about our natural world and how we can sustain it and human activities for generations to come.

The 2022 Community Grant application closed on August 9, 2022.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Can I apply if we received a Community Grant last year?
  • Can I apply if we were a Change for Good Partner?
    Organizations that are selected to be a Change for Good partner are unable to apply to be considered for an additional Community Grant.
    Organizations that were not chosen in the election to be a Change for Good partner in the upcoming year are eligible to apply for Community Grant funding.
  • How do I apply if I don't have access to the web forms?
    Please contact our Marketing Department at 541-552-5479 and they will assist you.
  • Can we apply if we are not a 501c3?
    You need to either be a 501c3 or have a fiscal sponsor that is a 501c3.
  • What is the typical amount awarded for a Community Grant?
    Typically, community grants are awarded for up to $2,000 either by check or Ashland Food Co-op gift card.
    If you have a program in which you are looking for funding to provide food then you will most likely be rewarded a gift card to be used for natural and healthy food at the Ashland Food Co-op.
  • When and how will the funds be disbursed?
    Within 2-3 weeks of the Community Grants Announcement, community grant checks and/or community grant gift cards will be sent out by mail or available for pick up.
  • If you have further questions please feel welcome to email [email protected]


Organizations' Projects funded by 2021 Community Grants:

  • Applegate Neighborhood Network
  • Ashland Rotary Foundation
  • Emerging Futures Youth Network
  • Jackson County Library Foundation
  • The Josephine County Food Bank
  • La Clinica
  • Pollinator Project Rogue Valley
  • Rogue Action Center
  • Be the Change Rogue/Rogue To Go
  • Bee Girl
  • Folk Soul Farm
  • Asante Foundation
  • Ashland Schools Foundation
  • St Vincent De Paul/Ashland-Talent Conference
  • Walker PTO

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