Change for Good

An opportunity for our community members- owners, shoppers and AFC employees- to learn more about organizations that we partner with.


2020 was the first year of the Change for Good partnership, a monthly register round-up program to benefit local organizations voted on by Co-op owners. The cumulative donations of shoppers choosing to round-up their register total to the nearest dollar makes positive change for our community, cents at a time.

The Board of Directors seeks partner organizations that support any of the following efforts:
Equity, Diversity, Inclusion - Support for organizations that specifically focus on increasing diversity, supporting equity, and inclusion and educate the public on anti-racism.
Basic Needs - Support for housing and homelessness; providing for food, shelter, and clothing; and addressing the needs of children in and on the edge of poverty.
Environment - Support for developing environmental resiliency and sustainability.
Healthy Food - Increasing the awareness and viability of local food producers and support for sustainable agriculture.
Culture - Highlighting the arts and cultural programs that bring awareness to the co-op principles of community, equity, and sustainability.

Applications require an explanation of how the work of the organization addresses one or more of these priorities.

Change for Good Timeline 2023:

  • February 16, 2023: Change for Good Application live on Co-op website
  • February 21, 2023, 5:00 PM: Change for Good Information Meeting (watch the 2021 video)
  • March 6, 2023, 9:00 PM: Change for Good Application Closes
  • April 2023: Change for Good Partners Nominated for Election
  • May 2023: Change for Good Election begins via online ballot to AFC Owners
  • June 2023: AFC Gives Change for Good Partners announced

(These dates reflect our 2023 Change for Good Timeline, and will be similarly followed in the new year. To be notified when these applications open, please feel welcome to subscribe to our AFC Gives News List)


Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Can we apply if we are not a 501c3?
    Applicants are required to be a 501c3 organization (EIN number is required), or have a 501c3 as your fiscal sponsor.
    Applicants must also have an Ashland Food Co-op owner affiliated with your organization (whether it be the individual applying, a member of your board, staff, or a key donor).
  • How will our month be decided if we are chosen?
    Months are assigned by members of the AFC Gives Committee based on number of votes awarded with some flexibility depending on organization's needs and scheduling.
  • What does our organization need to do during our Change for Good month?
    Organizations that are chosen in the election will need to provide the AFC Marketing Department with supplemental materials to assist in promoting their organization during their Change for Good month. The organization's logo file, mission statement, a few photos of the organization's work, a concise statement for cashiers to briefly say what the organization does, etc. In addition to providing files and photos, we also encourage organizations to promote this opportunity for their supporters to round up their totals when shopping at the Co-op. We encourage each organization to mail their supporters to let them know about the partnership and share social media posts.
  • Can I apply to Change for Good and Community Grants?
    Organizations that are selected to be a Change for Good partner are unable to apply to be considered for an additional Community Grant. Organizations that were not chosen in the election to be a Change for Good partner in the upcoming year are eligible to apply for Community Grant funding.
  • What can our Change for Good funding be used for?
    There are no requirements for how the Change for Good funds are used by your organization as long as you are using them for your organization and for the mission you shared with us.
  • How much is being raised at the register per month?
    Organizations have typically received about $3,000-$7,000 during their partner month. Organizations may see an increase in this total by encouraging their supporters to visit the Co-op during their partnership month.
  • When are the Change for Good funds available?
    Funds are available approximately three weeks after the month of Change for Good partnership has ended. After a reconciliation of our sales, a check is sent to the organization.

If you have further questions please feel welcome to email [email protected]

Watch the 2023 Change for Good Q & A Session

On February 21, 2023 at 5:00 pm PT members of the AFC Gives committee gathered on Zoom to host a Q&A session for nonprofits interested in applying or learning more about the Change for Good program. View the recorded session below:

AFC Gives Spring 2023 Webinar


Previously Elected Change for Good Partnerships:

August - KS Wild $4,806.55
September - Center of Nonprofit Legal Services $3,261.70
October - AFC Gives Community Fund $4,172.99
November - SO Climate Action Now $5,110.88
December - Community Works $6,022.49

January - Rogue Climate $4,399.19
February - Rogue Farm Corps $3,568.90
March - Southern Oregon Land Conservancy $3,717.00
April - Options for Homeless Residents of Ashland $3,634.68
May - Rogue Valley Farm to School $3,735.20
June - Maslow Project $2,977.99
July - Ashland Food Angels $3,988.24
August - Community Works $5,234.07
September - Truth to Power $4,166.38
October - AFC Gives Community Fund $5,309.69
November - Vesper Meadow Education Program  $5,942.74
December - Rogue Action Center  $6,380.00

January - Ashland Food Angels  $6,070.90
February - OHRA  $6,341.90
March - Klamath Bird Observatory $7,336.69
April - Pollinator Project Rogue Valley $8,081.24
May - Talent Maker City
June - Southern Oregon Land Conservancy
July - Maslow Project
August - ACCESS
September - Center for Nonprofit Legal Services
October - AFC Gives Community Fund
November - Indigenous Peoples' Month
December - Rogue Valley Farm to School