March 2023 Change for Good: Klamath Bird Observatory

From Klamath Bird Observatory, March 2023's Change for Good partner:

One of Klamath Bird Observatory’s longest-running programs is our bird monitoring program. We monitor birds through surveys and bird banding throughout the Klamath-Siskiyou bioregion. The information collected informs and improves natural resource management and helps guide restoration projects. KBO has six active bird banding stations, and one is at Crater Lake National Park. Starting in July, you can take a guided tour with the National Park Service, visit our banding station at Crater Lake, and see science in action!

In 2018, Klamath Bird Observatory began in-depth monitoring of the survival, nest success, and habitat preferences of the Oregon Vesper Sparrow. The small population size of Oregon Vesper Sparrow is well-documented, but the causes of its at-risk status remain speculative. As with most migratory birds, declines may be caused by habitat factors on their breeding grounds, wintering grounds, or migration stopover areas. This makes underlying causes difficult to pinpoint, but potential factors include: loss and degradation of habitat due to development, fire suppression, exotic species, and/or agriculture, or increased use of pesticides near grassland habitat. Oregon Vesper Sparrows may also be declining due to factors that affect small population sizes in general. Small populations lack genetic diversity and are less able to rebound after environmentally harsh years, breeding seasons with low productivity, disease, or natural disasters such as fires, floods, and drought.

Over the last several years, KBO field crews spent their spring mornings diligently watching Vesper Sparrows go about their business. The birds typically arrive from their wintering grounds in mid to late April and begin to settle in for the summer breeding season. We have witnessed the males defending their territories and attracting mates, watched as they paired up and the females began nest building, and observed them incubating their eggs and raising their young. Field crews have located over 100 nests!

Starting in 2020, we expanded the project by deploying archival GPS tags to track migration and overwinter locations of Oregon Vesper Sparrows that breed in the Rogue Basin. A short film was created to help us tell the story of the Oregon Vesper Sparrow, From the Field: A Study of the Oregon Vesper Sparrow.


2020 was the first year of the Change for Good partnership, a monthly register round-up program to benefit local organizations voted on by Co-op owners. The cumulative donations of shoppers choosing to round-up their register total to the nearest dollar makes positive change for our community, cents at a time.

March 2023's Change for Good partner: "Advancing bird and habitat conservation through science, education, and partnerships"

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