Fall Staff Picks

Thanks to alpine trails and shaded valley creeks, outdoor recreation is year-round in the Rogue Valley. But fall usually makes for more frisky feet, so we asked Co-op employees for their favorite fall activities and recommendations for what they grab before they head out. 


Ethan's pick

You might have shared some stoke in-store with the Grocery team's Ethan, who seeks out adrenaline in the Rogue Valley. "In the fall you can catch me shredding the single track on BTI, Caterpillar, Jabberwocky, and Alice In Wonderland. The summer is too hot but fall brings the perfect combination of tacky trails and perfect temperatures to the Ashland hills. Staying hydrated is a must and the only drink I take with me is Knudsen's Recharge, which is only sweetened by natural fruit juice and has no fake colors like other sports drinks."

Diego's pick

Diego, on the Grocery team, is new to Ashland, so he’s still exploring the area for his favorite outdoor spots. But already, he’s a fan of the Bear Creek Greenway - “It’s sweet to have 25 miles of paved trail going right through Ashland. I can get outdoors without having to drive an hour out of the city. When I’m out, my go-to snack is a GoMacro bar. I think it’s got the best texture of any of the bars - not too mushy - and it’s totally vegan.” (Side note: join the Bear Creek Stewardship Day on Sept 28!)

Mahlea's pick

When she's not organizing classes on the Co-op marketing team, Mahlea is out camping and hiking.  "One of my favorite hiking trails is Wagner Butte. This is a 10-mile hike with 5 miles mostly uphill. At the top after a good work out, I like to cool off and enjoy the 360-degree view and crack open a Heater Allen Bobtoberfest - gotta have a summit beer!"

Carly's pick

You've seen Carly at the registers, but you'll also find her enjoying walks in the neighborhood in the fall. "When the leaves start changing, I really enjoy walking B Street. Ashland is full of great gardeners, and B St is full of fiery fall colors." And since coffee is Carly's favorite beverage any time of the day, "I fill my mug with the Co-op's Bombshell coffee - it's mixed with organic pasture butter, coconut oil, and cinnamon to warm up and give me a healthy energy boost."

More Co-op News

Rounding Up in October

Part of what makes co-ops unique are the guiding 7 Principles of Cooperation. One of the seven that is felt strongly in Ashland is "Concern for the community" - and that's why the Co-op is offering a new way to give back to our community for the month of October. When you pay at the register, you can round up your total to the nearest dollar. For example, $11.68 becomes $12, and $0.32 is donated.

Donations in October will go to the Ashland Food Co-op Community Fund, which funds the Community Grant program (over $29,000 was provided last year to local non-profits).

Applegate products joining Co-op Basics

Just in time for the school year, Applegate products are being added to the Co-op Basics program! The Co-op carries a variety of Applegate products, like sliced deli meat, cheeses, bacon, and sausages. Now as part of the Co-op Basics program, you’ll be saving up to $2 on Applegate products across the store, every day. 

Applegate sandiwhc

2019 Farm Tour Recap

Another successful farm tour is in the books! With 30 farms this year, visitors could see how bigger farms work, like Herb Pharm, Fry Family Farm, and Rogue Creamery, while also experiencing the joys of smaller farms, such as Turning Point Farm, Fox Run Farm, and Daily Blessing Farm.

Visitors of all ages enjoying Goodwin Creek Gardens
Visitors of all ages enjoying Goodwin Creek Gardens

Top 15 Things to Do in Ashland (When It's Smoky)

Ashland is a paradise for the outdoors - but sometimes Mother Nature has different plans for us.

When smoke from wildfires becomes an issue, there are still plenty of great activities to enjoy around our wonderful town. Check out this list for some inspiration!

AFC Celebrates 20 Years with Magnolia Farms

This year, the Ashland Food Co-op proudly celebrates their 20 year partnership with Magnolia Farms. Their pasture raised, no antibiotics, no hormones lamb is a staple in the Co-op Meat Department. Magnolia Farms is graciously donating the lamb for our August First Friday in celebration of our long standing partnership.

Compostable Bags

The Co-op has been asked if compostable plastic bags are a viable alternative to the standard plastic bags offered in the produce and meat departments. 

For several reasons, compostable bags are not in line with the Co-op’s goals and standards. 

Not compostable at home

Sustainability Update: Energy efficiency and zero waste

Energy Efficiency
We are happy to announce that we are a member of the Energy Trust of Oregon’s Strategic Energy Management program. This is a free program available to customers of Avista and Pacific Power, which offers awesome incentives including a paid internship!

Community Grant Recipients 2019

The Ashland Food Co-op donated over $29,000 to 28 local nonprofit organizations through their Community Grant Program.

The Community Grant program is the focus of one of the fundamental Cooperative Principles, which all cooperative enterprises follow. Our Community Grant Program supports Principle 7, Concern for Community.

Meet the 2019 Board of Directors

Congratulations to Annie Hoy, Melina Barker, Lisa Beam, and Steve Bowman for their election to the Board of Directors! We were delighted to have such a strong slate of candidates to fill our four vacancies. You can read more about each new director here.

How to stay sustainable with paper products

Have you thought about how sustainable your paper home products are? While the use of single-use plastics has (rightfully) been criticized, some products are made to be single-use - like toilet paper, paper towels, and napkins. With these products, it’s best to examine sustainability by looking at what goes into their production.

Board elections are open!

We are grateful for the engaged community that supports the Ashland Food Co-op. We're a grocery store owned by you (with a few thousand of your friends). But your ownership isn't just coupons and discount; you help shape the future of the Co-op through the election of the Board of Directors.

This year, seven candidates are nominated for four board positions: two will serve a three-year term; one will serve a two-year term; and one will serve a one-year term. Additionally, the current board has proposed three by-law changes for approval.

Farm Tour on the Shelves

The Farm Tour shines a spotlight on Southern Oregon - it represents the full range of products grown in the Rogue Valley. The Farm Tour isn't until July 14, but here's a list of tour activities for participating farms that are also on the shelves at the Ashland Food Co-op. Get an early taste of quality local goods!