Fall Staff Picks

Thanks to alpine trails and shaded valley creeks, outdoor recreation is year-round in the Rogue Valley. But fall usually makes for more frisky feet, so we asked Co-op employees for their favorite fall activities and recommendations for what they grab before they head out. 


Ethan's pick

You might have shared some stoke in-store with the Grocery team's Ethan, who seeks out adrenaline in the Rogue Valley. "In the fall you can catch me shredding the single track on BTI, Caterpillar, Jabberwocky, and Alice In Wonderland. The summer is too hot but fall brings the perfect combination of tacky trails and perfect temperatures to the Ashland hills. Staying hydrated is a must and the only drink I take with me is Knudsen's Recharge, which is only sweetened by natural fruit juice and has no fake colors like other sports drinks."

Diego's pick

Diego, on the Grocery team, is new to Ashland, so he’s still exploring the area for his favorite outdoor spots. But already, he’s a fan of the Bear Creek Greenway - “It’s sweet to have 25 miles of paved trail going right through Ashland. I can get outdoors without having to drive an hour out of the city. When I’m out, my go-to snack is a GoMacro bar. I think it’s got the best texture of any of the bars - not too mushy - and it’s totally vegan.” (Side note: join the Bear Creek Stewardship Day on Sept 28!)

Mahlea's pick

When she's not organizing classes on the Co-op marketing team, Mahlea is out camping and hiking.  "One of my favorite hiking trails is Wagner Butte. This is a 10-mile hike with 5 miles mostly uphill. At the top after a good work out, I like to cool off and enjoy the 360-degree view and crack open a Heater Allen Bobtoberfest - gotta have a summit beer!"

Carly's pick

You've seen Carly at the registers, but you'll also find her enjoying walks in the neighborhood in the fall. "When the leaves start changing, I really enjoy walking B Street. Ashland is full of great gardeners, and B St is full of fiery fall colors." And since coffee is Carly's favorite beverage any time of the day, "I fill my mug with the Co-op's Bombshell coffee - it's mixed with organic pasture butter, coconut oil, and cinnamon to warm up and give me a healthy energy boost."

More Co-op News

Change for Good in September: Southern Oregon Land Conservancy

For the month of September, Ashland Food Co-op shoppers can round up at the register to support Southern Oregon Land Conservancy. Since 1973, SOLC has been working on multiple fronts to improve land quality and conservation for humans and nature alike. Check out some of the projects below that SOLC has been working on recently. And mark your calendar for Saturday, October 24, as SOLC hosts an Open Lands Day hike and tour on the Rogue River Preserve.

Chatting about community giving with JPR's "Jefferson Exchange"

Recently, Julie O'Dwyer, Ashland Food Co-op board vice-president, joined a panel of guests on Jefferson Public Radio's "Jefferson Exchange" to discuss how the pandemic has led to an even greater need for community giving and support of local non-profits.

JPR logo

Change for Good in August: KS Wild

This month's featured organization in the new Change for Good register round-up program is KS Wild (short for Klamath-Siskiyou Wildlands Center). 

KS Wild is one of the most prominent land conservation and stewardship organizations in the region. They focus on the Klamath-Siskiyou region, which includes large swaths of Southern Oregon and Northern California (inculding the Cascade-Siskiyou National Monument). This bioregion is one of the most diverse in the country, home to populations of wolves, rare plants and unique geographic formations.

Coronavirus Preparedness at the Co-op

The Ashland Food Co-op acknowledges and shares our community’s concerns about protecting against the spread of COVID-19 (Coronavirus). The safety and health of staff and customers is a top priority for the Co-op. We are taking proactive steps throughout our store to maintain a clean atmosphere to work and shop.

We have consolidated store changes below.

Masks Required for All In-Store Shoppers

To protect the health of Co-op staff and shoppers, all shoppers and other visitors on Ashland Food Co-op property must wear face coverings over mouth and nose except when dining in an approved area.

Those who are unable or choose not to wear a mask are welcome to use our recently launched eGrocery online shopping and curbside pickup service as an alternative to shopping in-store.

Get to know Ashland Emergency Food Bank

The sixth cooperative principle, "Concern for Community," has become even more important since the pandemic began and economies, locally and globally, started to constrict. To address this, the Board of Directors agreed in April to release 100% of patronage dividends and designate Ashland Emergency Food Bank as a donation option for those dividends - resulting in over $20,000 in donations. And with the early launch of Change for Good register round-up, AEFB was a natural choice to receive round-up donations. 

2020 Co-op Election Results

2020 Co-op Election Results

Ashland Food Co-op owners voted for three open seats on the Board of Directors, and for ten non-profit organizations for the Change for Good register round-up program.

Click a name below to read more about that Co-op Board member.

Co-op Owners Step-Up to Support the Ashland Emergency Food Bank!

AFC and AEFB Press Release - Local Strength!

Release Date: 5-26-2020

In April, the Ashland Food Co-op Board of Directors announced to the community that the Co-op would be returning 100% of the 2019 Patronage Dividend to its owners. The 100% Patronage Dividend return to Co-op owners converted to over $628,000.

The Co-op Board felt in this time of great need it was not the right time for the Co-op to put away funds for the future, but rather to support owners fully so they may have more strength to weather these stormy times.

Free Monday Night Lectures - virtual and recorded

Thanks to the many agile and adaptable experts in the Rogue Valley, the much-loved Free Monday Night Lectures live on - even if everything is moving online.

While we miss seeing community members with a joy of learning showing up at the Co-op Classroom, we hope these recordings teach and inspire you. 


Open letter from AFC Board on Coronavirus Policies

The Ashland Food Co-op has played a critical role supporting our community for nearly 50 years by providing healthy food and a safe place to shop. With the recent COVID-19 shutdown, this support has been even more important and has stretched our organization in ways that we could not have anticipated. We have endeavored to address the needs of both our staff and our customers, hopefully in the most cooperative manner.