tabletop with grains and beer
Postponed - Learn How to Brew Beer: Traditional & Gluten Free
Special Notes
  • This class is vegetarian and vegan friendly. 
  • $20 - Employees 
  • $35 - Co-op owners 
  • $40 - Community 

Stay tuned - this class will be back soon!

Beer has been brewed for thousands of years - but it’s never too late to join the fad and make your own!

Join Brian Kolodzinski, owner of Bear Creek Malt Supply, in this introductory class where you will learn the basic equipment, ingredients and process to brew your own beer. A brewing overview during the first hour includes a free booklet and visual aids. Get hands on experience during the second hour brewing a batch of beer from start to finish.

This class is hands-on, wheat-free, and vegan/vegetarian.

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