Livestream Lunch
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Chef Meg Lozano

The Ashland Food Coop and Rogue Valley Farm 2 School present an hour-long, hands-on experience with lessons in basic knife skills, cooking and nutrition. Viewers will be led through preparing a simple, nutritious lunch. Classic favorites, like grilled cheese sandwiches and peanut butter and jelly, will be explained from a nutrition perspective and then prepared with a twist. Recipes will feature plant-based proteins and alternative ingredients will be highlighted for varying tastes. We will be answering questions like; what is a calorie and what is a whole protein? The live-stream platform will allow for q & a in real-time. Please let us show you what you can do with food and what food does for us at "Live-stream Lunches."

Purchase tickets below, or at this link. Co-op owners can use the discount code owner to save $5 on this class. Staff can use the discount code staff for their staff discount.


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