Getting Curried Away: Thai and Indian Curry Creations
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Jason Wise
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Curries are the tomato sauces of Asia, full of rich, exotic and unique flavors. Join Culinary Instructor, Jason Wise, to learn how to create delicious Indian and Thai curries from scratch. Attendees will learn how to make a fragrant and flavorful Indian masala curry and a rich, creamy Thai coconut curry. Get your curry on and leave with an appreciation for two very different cultures of taste.

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Instructor: Jason Wise

Jason Wise is a chef/instructor and owner of In Plants We Trust, a plant-based education and empowerment business. He graduated from the Raw Vegan Culinary Program at the Living Light Culinary Institute in 2017. For the past 15 years, he has studied food traditions from around the world, especially India, Thailand and Peru. He is also a fermentation specialist who has been teaching and sharing fermented foods since 2013. He has taught fermentation classes at electronic music festivals such as Symbosis, Enchanted Forest as well as the Oregon Eclipse. He has a love for nourishing, healing foods as well as locally sourced, indigenous super foods. Recently, he works for a CBD hemp farm in Southern Oregon studying breeding and genetics. If you are interested in hearing more about CBD, let Jason know. Check him out at

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