Staff Picks: Summer Hikes and Trail Snacks

Our staff loves to head outside and enjoy the gorgeous Oregon outdoors. Here's a few of their favorite trails and the Co-op snacks they like to take with them.



Single track, sunshine and LaraBars are three of my favorite things. In the summer, I get to enjoy all of them when I'm out for a long trail run. One of my favorite trails in the valley is the newly constructed Split Rock Trail, behind Mt. Ashland. The views are spectacular and are best enjoyed with a Cashew Cookie LaraBar. With just two ingredients, they are clean, nutritious and delicious fuel for any run or hike. Laura Pfister, Media Coordinator



The best hiking snack to me is the stroopwafel, this delicious treat has a carmel center sandwiched between two thin layers of cookie. Its sweet, buttery and chewy, making it the perfect treat to bring with me on a hike to Rainy Falls, one of the most beautiful hikes in the  Rogue Valley. Nate Ramsey, Deli



My favorite hiking/kayaking treat is ants on a log. I buy the organic, red flame raisins from the bulk department, the organic celery from produce and some organic Santa Cruz peanut butter. So Delicious! I enjoy taking this snack to many of my favorite Oregon Trials, such as around Squaw lake and the Oregon Caves National Monument. Rachel Chastain, Produce Department



Perfect bars are actually perfect! They are high in protein. They're gluten free, gmo free, and perfectly sweetened with organic honey. I love taking these with me when I need a good snack and for the next adventure that awaits me. Oh and they are utterly delicious. Earth without art is just "eh". I really enjoy walking the Alice In Wonderland trail and the Ashland loop road above Lithia Park. Brighton Litjens, Demo Coordinator



I LOVE hiking to the top of Pilot Rock, ALL the way to the top! Being right in the middle of Mt. Shasta, Mt. McLaughlin, and Mt. Ashland is truly amazing. The view is stunning and the hike is challenging enough that making it all the way to the top is worth the reward. On my hike I love bringing along a variety of snacks from the bulk department. Cashews, mango and all the different varieties of trail mix are perfect little snacks along the way. Shawn Phillips, Grocery Department

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Throughout September, we will be celebrating all things local. And no one loves local or is more local than our Temporary Demo Coordinator, Brighton Litjens. He was basically raised at the Co-op, has a strong passion for local farmers and producers and loves delighting shoppers with delicious samples and great deals. Who better to tell us about loving local than the "Local Guy" himself?

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September is Love Local Month!  All month long we’re celebrating our local farmers and vendors with demos, events and more. Here are some of our staff's favorite local products.


Meet Pachamama Coffee Cooperative

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2018 Board Election Results

The AFC Board of Directors is pleased to announce the results of the 2018 Board Election. There were three excellent candidates running for two Board positions. In total, 905 votes were cast.

Congratulations to the following candidates who will serve three-year terms on the Ashland Food Co-op Board of Directors.

Thank you for voting!



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When the heat of summer takes over, it can be hard on our bodies and moods. Don’t let the scorching temps get you down, cool off with one of these refreshing Staff recommendations.