Lisa Beam: Why I'm a Board Member

Why serve on the Board of Directors at the Ashland Food Coop? This was the question that I was faced with about a year ago.

I have lived, worked and shopped in Ashland for the last 20 years. Many of those years I have actively participated on non-profit boards, civic organizations and committees. However, in the last few years I stepped away from those responsibilities to focus on family and business life.

I am not going to lie, letting some of those external responsibilities go was freeing, but it also felt like a bit of a loss. Even though I have businesses that interface with our community every day, it wasn’t the same. Volunteering and being a part of an organization that brings together different talents, perspectives and people in our community is so satisfying. It offers a space to engage and learn from others that you otherwise may never have a chance to work with in your day-to-day life.

When election time rolled around last year for AFC it sparked my interest. The AFC is a dynamic organization and a true cornerstone of the Ashland community, so I felt compelled to learn more about being on the Board of Directors. By attending the BOD Reception event and attending a couple Board meetings it made the decision to jump in easy… I say that delicately, because being on the Board is a serious time commitment and takes a high level of dedication to stay abreast of all the many happenings here at 237 N. First Street.

If you are an AFC owner who is interested in how you can better contribute and participate in our community, I strongly encourage you to attend the March 11th Reception to learn more or join us for a board meeting in these next months to hear firsthand what we are doing to make this co-op more successful and ultimately making our community a better place to live.

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Meet the 1st Street Beet

Welcome to the newly redesigned and reimagined newsletter from the Ashland Food Co-op: 1st Street Beet.
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May Day Community Block Party

Photography by Chelsea Whitney Art

On May 1st, several Southern Oregon businesses came together for a block party to provide a space to gather as a community after a rough spell due to the pandemic and fires. The May Day Block Party was hosted on Main St in Phoenix, where the scent of food trucks mingled with artisan goods such as local cheeses, locally farmed flowers, and even fresh-baked pastries.

May Change for Good Recipient: Rogue Valley Farm to School

May's Change for Good Recipient is

Rogue Valley Farm to School

Rogue Valley Farm to School educates children about our food system through hands-on farm and garden programs, and by increasing local foods in school meals.

"We inspire an appreciation of local agriculture that improves the economy and environment of our community and the health of its members." 

A Visit with Rolling Hills

Visit Rolling Hills Farm and learn more about owner Dave Belzberg, who the Ashland Food Co-op is so honored to partner with for more than thirty five years.

A Visit with Magnolia Farms




Visit Magnolia Farms and learn more about owner Elissa Thau, who the Ashland Food Co-op is so honored to partner with for more than twenty years.

A Visit with Emerald Hills

Visit the Emerald Hills Ranch and learn more about this fourth generation ranching family that the Ashland Food Co-op is so proud to partner with for more than twenty years.

A Conversation with Katie Falkenberg, Photographer and Filmmaker

Katie Falkenberg's photography and filmmaking has taken her all over the world, and lucky for us - she's been calling the Rogue Valley home for a couple years now. Exquisitely and harmoniously capturing the world around her, she is documenting not only through the lens but also through her peaceful and loving spirit. Katie reached out to us in hopes of collaborating after falling in love with the co-op soon after moving here.