January Change for Good Partner: Ashland Food Angels

January's Change for Good Partner is

CFG: Ashland Food Angels

local nonprofit Ashland Food Angels


Ashland Food Angels is a local, fully volunteer grassroots non-profit which has operated daily since 1995, gathering and distributing food and other useful items to those in need in this area.

Every evening a volunteer picks up fresh, organic produce from the Ashland Food Coop. Volunteers also collect dairy, deli, and bakery items from other local shops in town and the farmers market. The food is then sorted and packed for distribution through the Ashland Emergency Food Bank, the Peace House-sponsored ‘Uncle Foods’ free meals program, the shelter in Ashland run by Rogue Retreat, and sometimes Gospel Mission. Any food that is considered unfit for people is donated to local farmers to feed their animals or add to their compost. Additionally, donated non-food items are distributed through the Hospice Unique Boutique (HUB).



CFG: Ashland Food Angels
Pamala Joy, Director of the Ashland Food Angels in her distribution center.


Ashland Food Angels was founded, in conjunction with the Northwest Seasonal Workers Association, to help provide food for the many families assisted by NSWA. Originally, the food was delivered to their outposts in Southern Oregon three times per week. One of the founding goals was to keep as much out of the landfills as possible! Other helping organizations joined the cause, such as Uncle Food's, Jackson County Fuel Committee, and Native American groups, and an ongoing distribution service was established.

For the first five years of the project, Pamala Joy ran the whole operation, with help from her then young adolescent daughter- moving food from stores to distribution sites in a worn out van. The sorting was done in Joy's front yard or on her side deck. Sometimes rain came and they scrambled to cover the sorting area with tarps! Eventually she was able to take over a small (but dry!) garage which they rebuilt to serve the purpose of sorting and storing food.



CFG: Ashland Food Angels
Ashland Food Angels Volunteer hard at work in the cold storage room.


Ashland Food Angels has helped many individuals and families over the years, and kept a great deal of waste out of landfills! The ripple effect of this project has contributed significantly to the lives of many in this area and is now so firmly in place that it will continue for many years to come. AFA differs from food banks in that they gather food for organizations to give away, and predominantly focus on fruits and vegetables, rather than nonperishables

To learn more about the Ashland Food Angels, their work, and volunteer opportunities, please visit ashlandfoodangels.org



Change for Good

Ashland Food Angels was voted on by our owners in our 2021 election to be a Change for Good Partner.

Through the cumulative register round up donations over the course of this month ~ our shoppers will help support this local nonprofit organization and the work that they are doing in our community.

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