December Change for Good Partner: Rogue Action Center

December's Change for Good Partner is

Rogue Action Center

Rogue Action Center

The Rogue Action Center (RAC) builds organizing infrastructure, leaders, and community power for a just, inclusive, and sustainable Southern Oregon for everyone.

RAC's vision is to effectively confront entrenched power structures rooted in white supremacy and exploitation; fill in local gaps in social justice organizing; and be a movement partner in the long term effort to make progress on the racial and economic challenges of our time.


Rogue Action Center

LGBTQ+ Listening Project
The  LGBTQ+ Listening Project was founded to map the resources and needs of the LGBTQ+ community in Jackson & Josephine counties, and to boldly envision a thriving LGBTQ+ movement in our area. Through the LGBTQ+ survey, we were able to assess key issues and struggles that impact LGBTQ+ folks in our area; we currently host affinity and support groups, as well as coalition work to campaign for the rights of LGBTQ+ youth. Check out the Liberation Space Stories project here!

Rogue Action Center

Fire Recovery
The RAC has been an essential partner in providing immediate mutual aid for survivors of the Almeda Fire and organizing a rebuilding effort that centers the needs of those displaced while moving us forward on racial and climate justice. 

The RAC facilitates de-escalation training for community members to support local movements for social justice, and coordinates a volunteer team of de-escalators which support movement spaces and events by helping prevent conflicts and violence from counter-protestors and reactionaries.

Policy Advocacy
We believe that all residents in a community should have the opportunity to stay informed about and respond to local and state policy that will impact their everyday lives.  We are committed to educating and mobilizing community members to advocate around the issues that are important to themselves and their community. 

Land Use and Transportation Advocacy
The Land Use Leadership Initiative (LULI) showcases Oregon’s innovative land use planning program, highlights the most pressing land development issues, and equips participants with a variety of resources to engage in land use issues. In 2023 we will be launching a Transportation Leadership pilot program to support local leaders and community members to examine our current system, alternative transportation systems and tools for local advocacy.

Youth Internship
The internship program supports youth leaders in developing organizing skills based on environmental and social justice frameworks. Interns get hands-on experience and develop skills by doing the work. The RAC co-hosts the annual program to empower youth to take action in their home communities and beyond.

Rogue Action Center


Fill out the Rogue Action Center community survey! We are gathering input and feedback from our community that will shape our organizational priorities and goals for the next three years. Please take a few minutes and share your feedback HERE.

Rogue Action Center

To learn more about this local nonprofit, the work they are doing in our community and get involved in ongoing or upcoming projects, please visit

Change for Good

What is Change for Good?

Rogue Action Center was chosen by our owners in our 2022 election to be a Change for Good Partner. Through the cumulative register round up donations over the course of this month ~ our shoppers will help support this local nonprofit organization and the work that they are doing in our community.

2020 was the first year of Change for Good, a register round-up program to benefit a slate of ten organizations, voted on by Co-op owners, through the cumulative donations of shoppers choosing to round-up their shopping total to the nearest dollar.

From one cent to 99 cents, it all adds up to feeling good about supporting the community.

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February's Change for Good partner: OHRA


OHRA logo

OHRA helps low-income people build better lives through access to social service resources. By helping
people move from crisis to stability, OHRA builds more capable individuals, stronger families, and a
better community. We have three core programs:

September Change for Good Partner: Truth to Power

September's Change for Good Partner is

Truth to Power

Truth to Power

Truth to Power cultivates teen activism and community participation through social justice podcasts and transformative projects.

Celebrate Ashland Food Co-op's 50th Anniversary

Ashland Food Co-op has been a staple in our community for 50 years and invites you to celebrate this anniversary with them on June 3rd, 2022 from 5:00 PM-8:00 PM, at the AFC employee parking lot for dancing, food, face painting and more!

Music by Eight Dollar Mountain and Wild and Blue.

Siano's Karibbean Cookhouse, Walkabout Brewing Co. and Rogue Kombucha will be joining us with delicious food and beverages available for purchase.