Farm Tour to Hi Hoe Produce at Bluebird Farm

Sat, 08/09/2014 -
8:00am to 3:00pm

Visit Hi Hoe Produce at Bluebird Farm where we will spend the morning  with Chi and Michelle Scherer followed by a lovely picnic in their orchard. Chi and Michelle are two of the most talented farmers in our region. Once you see the 25 acre farm you will understand why the fruits and veggies from Hi Hoe Produce at Bluebird Farm have a special glow. Many who tour the farm say that listening to Chi talk about his farm and the interconnectedness between cover crops, soil tilth and produce is a mystical experience. Please come to the Co-op Parking lot at 7:30 am to ensure we are able to leave on time at 8am on board our chartered bus. We should be back at the Co-op by mid afternoon. Wear comfortable walking shoes, bring a hat and sunscreen. Remember a water bottle and we’ll bring plenty of extra water for refills 

Cost is $35 for Co-op owners and $40 for the general public. 

Children under 12 are $5. 

*For questions and directions contact Mary Shaw at 541-482-2237 ext 261.*