Gilly Gifford

Gilly Gifford is a North West born and bred farmer and culinarian. She is a graduate of Seattle Culinary Academy and has worked with some outstanding chefs in both Seattle and Portland. While working at Lark in Seattle she had the opportunity to explore her interests in cheese making and curing meats at Kurtwood Farm, famous for it’s farmstead cheese among other things. The farm frequently hosts dinners in the kitchen for 20 serving only foods from the property. Her time on the Farm led her away from the kitchen and off to the Iberian Peninsula in search of traditional cheese making and charcuterie. She settled in a small town in central Portugal with a hardworking family on a self-sustaining off the grid homestead. For two years she lived on the farm milking goats, raising pigs, harvesting olives, grinding corn and making wine, cheese and charcuterie. To complete her cheese making internship she worked at River’s Edge Chevre in Logsden, Oregon. Following that she ran the Herdshare milk program for Willow Witt. Now she is ready to teach all that she has learned about artisan cheese making, and she has some great stories to tell!