Ashland Food Co-op’s Grocery department is the foundation of the store. While we may not be the most glamorous department, we are the “food” that comes to mind when you think of grocery store.

Lynne Scionti has managed the department since 1987 when the store went from a “collective management team” to a distinct department format.

The grocery staff has many years of experience in conventional grocery stores, natural food stores, and other food co-ops. They can assist you with your questions and concerns.

One of the cornerstones of the Grocery department is bulk foods. Our bulk department was certified organic in March of 2007, and we are extremely proud of the selection and quality of our bulk products. In our cooler and frozen section we carry only rBGH free dairy products, along with a great variety of other refrigerated and frozen foods. Our packaged grocery sections are stocked with your favorite natural and organic brands in every category and we’re continually bringing in new products. Contact Grocery Manager Lynne Scionti.