Free Lectures

When Life Falls Apart

Life is fragile. To be alive is to be vulnerable. And, we all need a sacred witness, someone who can listen without judgment and know the right questions to ask. 

This class will offer an interactive platform and a safe place to embrace your vulnerability while being witnessed.

The Tastes of Herbal Medicine

Herbs have been used as medicine in traditional cultures around the world for centuries. Different traditions have categorized herbs according to taste and flavor. Modern science corroborates these categories with chemical actions in the body. We’ll sample herbal teas and tinctures for a greater appreciation of their taste and function.

Fermentation Festival- A cultured foods celebration!

Join local fermentation educators Kirsten and Christopher Shockey, authors of newly released Fiery Ferments, and Tara Whitsitt, founder of Fermentation on Wheels, for a day of cultured foods workshops, tastings, and starter culture swapping. Learn about the benefits of fermentation and how you can creatively & fearlessly ferment in your own kitchen.


Free Workshops:

2pm: Wild Vegetable Fermentation by Tara Whitsitt

Tending Our Grief

This talk will help prepare people to deal with their grief consciously and with greater understanding of the process.  It will offer some guidelines for tending grief with compassion and self-care. It will affirm the uniqueness of each person’s grieving style and address questions about grieving various types of losses.     

Kids Beyond Limits

Learn a potent and scientifically proven approach, the ABM Nine Essentials, can radically transform your baby and child’s power to learn. These movement & awareness-based tools are rooted in connection, versus correction.

Stop Unconscious Self-Sabotage

You have firm intentions that you nurture every day. Yet the change you want doesn’t happen. Don’t beat yourself up, learn to fix it! Member Victoria C. Leo has been transforming blocked lives for over 20 years., or email [email protected] with questions.