Cooking Classes

DIY Kid's Class- Homemade Holiday Gifts from Nature

This holiday season, Rogue Valley Farm to School educators join the Co-op in helping children craft plant-based gifts while parents enjoy a free afternoon to shop, relax, or otherwise prepare for winter festivities. Children 7 and older will have the opportunity to choose a gift to make for a family member. Whether it's an edible creation, herbal body care product, or artistic nature-based craft, each child will take home a unique creation for a loved one. Children will also make gift cards and homemade wrapping paper!



Moroccan Christmas Cooking Party!

Morocco's compelling allure comes from its distinctive fusion of traditional and modern culture, exquisite art, remarkable architecture and stunning landmarks which offer rich and enlivening experiences to entice all the senses. Moroccan food has been enriched for over two thousand years by surrounding cultures to become a unique mix of sweet, salty and earthy spice flavors. In this class, Tiazza will host a Christmas cooking party like no other: a Christmas party in Morocco!


Holiday Appetizers Made Easy!

Ready or not, the holidays are around the corner. Holidays are a time to indulge in one of life’s greatest pleasures- having people over to eat. What a wonderful time of year to share good company and delicious food. The Co-op's very own professional chef, Katie, will share her crowd-pleasing appetizers that are simple to prepare and will get your holiday party started! Preparing these ahead of time will allow you to relax and enjoy the holiday with ease.

Fearless Vegan Pressure Cooking: Fresh, Fast and Fun

Expert plant-based pressure cooking teacher and Registered Dietitian Jill Nussinow will share tips, tricks and techniques for using your pressure cooker to your best advantage, or how to choose one if you don’t yet own one. Pressure cooking is a clean, green way to cook - producing great tasting food quickly while retaining maximum nutritional value. You will learn how to cook beans, grains, vegetables and more. The menu will include Beans and Rice and Everything Nice, Atakilt Wat (Ethiopian Cabbage, Carrots and Potatoes), Borscht with a Lemon Twist and Greens and Coconut Almond Risotto.

A Gentle-Mens Cooking Class

Cooking at home can sometimes be challenging for a single guy. Ever look at a recipe with culinary terms you don't know? Wouldn't it be nice if cooking dinner for yourself or for 4 was as easy as throwing everything in a pot and boiling some water? Stanley Butler from the Co-op Deli has a few recipes that are just as easy and will teach you some great foundational cooking skills. Learning these dishes can open a whole world of cooking for you.

Vegetable Fermentation: Preserve the harvest, take care of your gut, and create flavor

No matter what your motivation, come ferment with us! In this hands-on class you will learn about the breadth of what flavors can be created with this ancient technique. This class includes demonstration and tasting the culinary possibilities of fermented vegetables. We will focus on artistry and creating a flavor arsenal of fermented goodies for your refrigerator. This safe and healthful technique will add to your culinary skills. We will use the seasonally available vegetables and you will go home with a jar of your own ferment to watch bubble on the counter.

Experience the Cuisine of Korea

Learn to make some of your favorite Korean dishes while exploring the ingredients and cooking techniques that make Korean food so invigorating and delicious. Maggie will start off with Korea’s famous Kimchi, a pickled dish full of flavor, spice and high in vitamin C and probiotics. Next you will learn her favorite childhood recipe, Bulgogi, a technique of marinating meat in a special Korean marinade similar to Teriyaki. Also on the menu are popular busy weekday meals of Spinach and Bean Sprout Salad and Chop Chae, a refreshing clear noodle salad with vegetables and meat. Mashtika!