Cooking Classes

The Whole Hog

Utilizing a whole hog can be intimidating, even to the experienced home chef. Join Rich and Niki Harris, owners of California Heritage Farms, as they simplify cooking with the whole hog using everyone’s favorite summer tool: the grill.


Experience the Cuisine of Korea

Learn to make some of your favorite Korean dishes while exploring the ingredients and cooking techniques that make Korean food so invigorating and delicious. Maggie will start off with Korea’s famous Kimchi, a pickled dish full of flavor, spice and high in vitamin C and probiotics. Next you will learn her favorite childhood recipe, Bulgogi, a technique of marinating meat in a special Korean marinade similar to Teriyaki. Also on the menu are popular busy weekday meals of Spinach and Bean Sprout Salad and Chop Chae, a refreshing clear noodle salad with vegetables and meat. Mashtika!


Middle Eastern Street Foods

Street food has come of age and formal dining is increasingly being nudged aside in favor of meze-style spreads. This class pairs the Middle East's most exciting street foods with a variety of homely and simple snack recipes elicited from Tiazza's family cooking in Morocco and her travels. Together we'll create a full course dinner based on tasty Middle Eastern street foods.

Thai 101

Learn the secrets of Thai cooking with Constance Jesser, owner of The Culinarium in Ashland and a classically trained chef. Constance will share the tips and tricks of Thai cooking she learned while apprenticing in a traditional Thai restaurant. In this class, students will make fresh spring rolls, chicken satay using boneless skinless chicken breasts, create a peanut sauce, and make everybody's favorite Thai soup, Tom Ka Gai. This class is gluten free. Allergens include shrimp and peanuts.

Campus Cooking 101

Is your college-age kid heading off to school soon? Are you wanting to help them become better equipped to take care of some or all of their own meals? In this class, Elka will show everyone how making a few simple meals regularly can transform your daily life. Learn how to turn one basic dish of rice, onions and greens into five different, exciting meals that will nourish you deeply, impress your friends, and provide lots of entertainment for your taste-buds.

Cooking with your Kids!

Join Rogue Valley Farm to School educators in the Co-op kitchen to get inspired about including your kids in food preparation and cooking family-friendly recipes with seasonal produce. In this class we’ll share RVF2S tips and tricks for teaching kitchen skills, cleanliness, and knife safety to children, and then we'll practice cooking together! On the menu: Farm Fresh Frittata and Surprise Salad! We will get to eat what we've made, and you’ll go home with additional recipe suggestions that you and your children can prepare together, even on a busy weeknight.

Flavors of Morocco

The history, culture, and geography of Morocco are all richly evocative. It is easy to imagine yourself sipping mint tea while sitting on a terrace in Casablanca or Marrakesh, or hiking the Atlas Mountains. The cuisine of Morocco reflects its Berber, Mediterranean, African, and European influences, with a generous use of powerful spices. In this class, you will make some of the most acclaimed dishes of the Moroccan repertoire including: Couscous, Kefta, Harira, Tagine ... and more! All recipes will be paired with wine.

August Kids Summer Camp: Food Preservation Experimentation

We’ve teamed up with Rogue Valley Farm to School to offer three different camps this summer. Each week campers will dive into food production, preparation and exploration, with a mix of farm and kitchen experiences that delight the senses and inspire the soul. Join Rogue Valley Farm to School staff as they cultivate the ability to grow and cook delicious, healthy, seasonal meals.