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Break out of your dinner rut with something fast and juicy. The Meat Department staff share their go-to favorites to throw on the grill. Flame on, baby! Brian Swift Flat Iron is my favorite steak. So simple to cook. Just add salt, pepper, garlic, and cook it on a super hot grill. 5 minutes later you have an amazing steak. Sam RobertsTri­Tip marinated in our Kinders... Read More
Everyone loves a picnic. But some are better at organizing one than others. Make planning the perfect picnic a breeze with our easy picnic guide. Choose a location Before you start prepping and packing, make sure you have a location picked out. This will help you determine what you need to bring and how food should be properly stored and or packed. Southern Oregon is... Read More
Each year we hold an Annual Meeting and Owner Picnic. This is our chance to catch up over a delightful picnic and most importantly update you on the recent year’s events and financials. This year, we are changing things up a bit. The Annual Meeting and Owner Picnic will be more family friendly than ever before. We have a new menu designed to appeal to busy little (and big!)... Read More
Bulk bins have been a staple at the Ashland Food Co-op since we opened our doors in 1972. For good reason too, buying in bulk is better. Better for your pocket book, better for the environment, and better for your belly. Here’s why. 6 Reasons to Buy in Bulk It's fresh! Our bulk bins are filled up, rotated and cleaned on a regular basis, giving our customers extremely fresh... Read More
At the Co-op, we are all about community. After all, YOU are why we are here and providing healthy, organic food to the Rogue Valley. As a cooperative enterprise, there are seven principles we follow. We use them as guidlines to put our values into practice. Principle 7, Concern for Community, affords us the opportunity to give back to local nonprofits that do so much good... Read More
You might have noticed a rather large, prickly fruit hanging out next to the apples, oranges, and papayas in the Produce Department. Meet the Jackfruit, the newest addition to the Produce Department. In case you don't know "jack" about Jackfruit, here is a crash course. The Jackfruit is native to South and Southeast Asia and is a close cousin of the fig. The Co-op... Read More
  This is one of our favorite times of the year. The sun is out and the days are longer, time to play in the dirt. Our Produce Staff share their favorite seeds and starts to help you get your garden going.       Mahlea Rasmussen I look forward to Fry Family Farm plant starts all year.  I love spicy food and plant tomatoes, jalapeños and Anaheim peppers in a salsa... Read More
Do you love breakfast food? Are you a new owner in our wonderful Co-op? If you answered yes to both these questions then you are in luck. We want to celebrate YOU!  If you’ve become an owner in 2016, come and enjoy a delicious Saturday morning brunch and convivial discussion with board members and our Outreach Manager, Annie Hoy. We’ll explain exactly what cooperative... Read More
Welcome back to our Behind the Scenes blog series. So far you’ve meet the dynamic Produce and Deli teams. Next up, the department that is packed with protein, meet the Meat Department. Did you know? All of the fresh beef and lamb are local grass fed and grass finished meats. None of the seafood products contains Sodium Tripolyphosphate. The Meat Department offers a... Read More
Rachel Rose, Assistant Produce Manager, shares her spring produce picks. Strawberries Most people are surprised to know that early spring are two of the best months out of the year for tasty strawberries. The first batch out of California is usually so sweet and full of flavor that the rest of the year I often shy away from strawberries. They just don’t measure up to the... Read More