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Heading to a holiday party this month, or five? No need to spend hours in the kitchen making countless appetizers, dips and desserts. After all, you just got done with a marathon of cooking and baking for Thanksgiving. Make your party going a breeze with these go-to holiday favorites from our Specialties staff. Bruce Crowell One of my favorite holiday wines is S. Tissot... Read More
We know, we know, November is all about turkey. But let us not forget the other, other white meat this holiday season. Chicken. This poultry meat often gets the spotlight, but during the month of November it is well deserved. Why? Because all month long, every time you purchase a Smart Chicken® product at the Co-op you help feed a hungry family in the Rogue Valley. Here’s... Read More
Co-ops around the world share a set of guiding principles including “cooperation among cooperatives,” and “concern for community.” We take these principles to heart. When you shop at the Co-op, you aren’t just buying groceries. You are supporting a business that cares about people and contributes to a livable, sustainable Rogue Valley. Did you know? In 2015, we donated... Read More
My Italian Grandmother’s heart swells every time she sees my well-stocked pantry. I am prepared to feed an army at a moment’s notice, and sometimes that actually happens with my big family. But what my Grandma doesn’t know is how much I save by stocking my pantry with Co+op Basics products. From nuts to pasta to olive oil to broths, all are on standby in my pantry looking... Read More
We take pride in supporting local farmers, producers, vendors and vintners. When we say local, we mean local. At some grocery stores, the word local gets thrown around like the word “natural,” ambiguously and with a broad definition. But local means something to us. A definition we take meticulous pride in. Local adjective Any food or product grown, produced or made within... Read More
Urban fruit is copious this time of year in the Rogue Valley. It’s hard, dare we say impossible, to make enough pies, cobblers, and salads to keep up with the backyard abundance. So what do you do with all that unpicked fruit? Instead of letting your pears, plums and apples go to waste, or to feed the deer, bring them to the Co-op for collection. Apple Outlaw Cider, in... Read More
Break out of your dinner rut with something fast and juicy. The Meat Department staff share their go-to favorites to throw on the grill. Flame on, baby! Brian Swift Flat Iron is my favorite steak. So simple to cook. Just add salt, pepper, garlic, and cook it on a super hot grill. 5 minutes later you have an amazing steak. Sam RobertsTri­Tip marinated in our Kinders... Read More
Everyone loves a picnic. But some are better at organizing one than others. Make planning the perfect picnic a breeze with our easy picnic guide. Choose a location Before you start prepping and packing, make sure you have a location picked out. This will help you determine what you need to bring and how food should be properly stored and or packed. Southern Oregon is... Read More
Each year we hold an Annual Meeting and Owner Picnic. This is our chance to catch up over a delightful picnic and most importantly update you on the recent year’s events and financials. This year, we are changing things up a bit. The Annual Meeting and Owner Picnic will be more family friendly than ever before. We have a new menu designed to appeal to busy little (and big!)... Read More
Bulk bins have been a staple at the Ashland Food Co-op since we opened our doors in 1972. For good reason too, buying in bulk is better. Better for your pocket book, better for the environment, and better for your belly. Here’s why. 6 Reasons to Buy in Bulk It's fresh! Our bulk bins are filled up, rotated and cleaned on a regular basis, giving our customers extremely fresh... Read More