Gluten Free Products

The Ashland Food Co-op carries many foods that are gluten-free. Here is the good news: Gluten is not typically found in fresh produce, unprocessed meat, fish, dairy or eggs. Wine is gluten-free and there are now delicious gluten-free beers.

Please READ ALL LABELS every time you buy a product to ensure products meet your specific diet requirements. A product may be free of added wheat or gluten, but processed in an environment that processes items containing gluten. You must be vigilant, as gluten contamination may occur via baking utensils, cutting boards, etc. When in doubt, leave it out.


The Ashland Food Co-op is now offering Gluten-Free Tour/Tastings!

Join Michelle Guerrie, our new Demo Coordinator, for a 45-minute tour of the store to explain many of the gluten-free items we carry including breads, crackers, cookies, flours, deli items and so on. After the tour, there will be a tasting of some of the products explored.

The Tour/Tasting is free! Reservations are required.

Contact Michelle at (541)482-2237 Ext. 255 or contact her through the website to sign up. Choose Demo Coordinator  from the address list.

Michelle is an expert in gluten-free choices and has been living gluten-free for the past decade. A classically trained chef, she has a plethora of ideas to integrate gluten-free options into your meal planning

For Gluten-Free information visit these websites:

This information is meant only for educational purposes and not meant to be considered medical advice. This information is not all-inclusive. The Ashland Food Co-op cannot be held responsible for individual reactions to any products, nor can we guarantee the absence of cross-contamination.