Free Lectures

Fermentation Fiesta

Workshops, tastings and culture swapping! Local fermentation experts Kirsten and Christopher Shockey are launching their second fermentation book, Fiery Ferments. They are teaming up with Tara Whitsitt’s Fermentation on Wheels, a mobile fermentation lab and workspace, to bring you an afternoon of fermentation focused activities at the Co-op.

Tending Our Grief

This talk will help prepare people to deal with their grief consciously and with greater understanding of the process.  It will offer some guidelines for tending grief with compassion and self-care. It will affirm the uniqueness of each person’s grieving style and address questions about grieving various types of losses.     

Kids Beyond Limits

Learn a potent and scientifically proven approach, the ABM Nine Essentials, can radically transform your baby and child’s power to learn. These movement & awareness-based tools are rooted in connection, versus correction.

Stop Unconscious Self-Sabotage

You have firm intentions that you nurture every day. Yet the change you want doesn’t happen. Don’t beat yourself up, learn to fix it! Member Victoria C. Leo has been transforming blocked lives for over 20 years., or email [email protected] with questions.

Insurance Counselling

Virtual Inventory Protection uses video and still digital photography to catalog your possessions. Our reports, whether for personal, business or estate planning are an invaluable tool in preparing for the expected and the unexpected. Learn how with VIP, you will have the security of knowing your possessions are recorded and replaceable.