Free Lectures

Tiny Homes Growing Big

Tiny homes are a way to reset the structure of day to day life. In this lecture, we will talk about what tiny homes are doing today, what the near future looks like and answer any questions you may have about them.        

Eeeek! A Conflict!

When it comes to conflict, do you move into fight or flight? Join us to explore a third option, “flow”.  Whether you want to improve relationships within your family, workplace, or community, these skills will lay the groundwork for you to engage in conflicts with clarity, confidence, and compassion.

Discover the Magic of Empathy

Do you listen deeply, or are you distracted or privately preparing your “rebuttal” when listening to someone? We all want to be heard and understood. Join me and learn some simple techniques that will help you discover the healing power of empathic listening – both for yourself and others.