Cooking Classes

Food as Medicine: Spring Foods Kitchen Intensive

In this edition of Victoria’s popular “Food as Medicine” series, learn how to implement a "nutrient dense" approach to the food you are eating everyday. Victoria will review how traditional cultures ate to sustain health and used food to guide good sleep, digestion and immunity. Learn about soaking, sprouting, infusing, souping, blending and fermenting. The menu includes Honey and Smoked Paprika Baked Chicken (making broth from the bones afterwards), Coconut Rice, Spring Herbed Salad with Warm Vegetables and Brandy Candied Nuts, and Molasses Ginger Cake.


Ketogenic Cooking 101

The health benefits of a ketogenic diet are vast. Join the Ashland Food Co-op’s very own Amber Lynn Janzen as she takes you on a tour of innovative ketogenic recipes while providing participants with a broad overview of some of the key concepts behind ketosis. You will learn about the myriad health benefits of adhering to a high fat, moderate protein, and low carbohydrate diet whether for a short-term cleansing period or as a lifestyle. The menu will feature a homemade loaf of bread, peanut butter cup fat bombs, golden milk, Irish Reubens, and a mason jar keto salad.


Samira’s Lebanese Kitchen

Learn how to cook authentic Lebanese cuisine straight from the source. Samira's knowledge was passed down from generation to generation in Lebanon. Her creativity in the kitchen and tips for using spices to boost flavor will bring these traditional creations to life. Learn how to prepare simple, healthy, flavorful Lebanese dishes while learning their Arabic names: Kafta & Batata (baked meat and potato), Msaka (baked stuffed vegetables), Tabbouli (parsley salad), and her family’s famous lentil soup.


Zero-Waste Hero!

Save money, reduce packaging, and help conserve the Earth’s limited natural resources in your kitchen and beyond. Improve your conservation practices with tips and tricks for a zero waste kitchen while enjoying recipes designed to reduce your food waste! The class is free, but requires a $10 deposit at sign up which is returned to you on the day of the class in the form of a Co-op Gift Card.

This class is limited to 15 people who have not yet taken this class. Please sign up early. Refunds can be issued up to 48 hours before the class.


Mastering Vegetable Fermentation

You’ve heard fermenting is good for you and it seems everyone is fermenting something these days. This class includes hands-on demonstrations and taste-testing the culinary possibilities of fermented vegetables. Bring your questions, your projects gone wrong*, your curiosity and an appetite to taste the wonderful flavors brought to you by fermentation. We will focus on artistry and creating a flavor arsenal of fermented goodies for your refrigerator. This safe and healthful technique will add to your culinary skills.


Food as Medicine: Healing the Digestive Tract


Learn how to restore digestive health to prevent your immune system from mounting unwanted inflammatory responses. Victoria’s recipes use food as medicine to heal the digestive tract, help assimilate nutrients, move forward with a clear mind and fully utilize the restorative process that occurs naturally in our body. Recipes include Probiotic Lemonade, Warm Smoothie “Digestive Tonic”, Blended Green Root Soup made with Potassium Broth, Homemade Sauerkraut and Pickled Vegetables, Beet Kavass Liver Tonic, and a Vegan Berry Sorbet.