Use your pre-paid wheatgrass cards!

Due to a more efficient ordering process and some technical difficulties that we cannot overcome, we have realized that when we reopen the deli after the remodel we will no longer be able to have our customers use pre-paid wheatgrass cards or our wheatgrass punch cards.  When we first implemented the pre-paid wheatgrass cards it was in response to customers having to order their wheatgrass at the juice bar and then go pay and bring back their receipt.  The pre-paid card made it much more convenient for folks that drink wheatgrass often.  After the Deli Remodel, all customers will order and pay for items at the new deli register station, and there is no way to ring up a “FREE” or pre paid drink in our system. 

We stopped selling the pre-paid wheatgrass cards as of this week, to try and avoid having a lot of them floating around out there that may not get used in time.  So, check you wallets and purses and bring in your pre-paid cards and use them up before we close on June 19th.  In the event that you find a pre-paid card after the remodel, please take it to the information desk and we will take care of you.  Thank you for your understanding and as always, if you have any questions please feel free to contact me via email with this form