Produce Department Under Construction

Our produce department will be getting new, more efficient vegetable displays next week. We are removing the produce display that greets you as you enter the store with boxed salads and berries in order to get ready for our Deli Remodel coming in June. We are then removing and replacing the entire line of vegetable displays that merchandise everything from the lettuces to the broccoli. On Thursday, May 15th, our regular vegetable displays will be gone and we will have temporary displays for the vegetables located among our fruit displays. We will do our best to make sure that everything is available. If you need help finding your favorite fresh produce, just ask our friendly Produce Clerks.

If you are able to, plan ahead for this. Although, we are confident that it will be just a minor inconvenience. If all goes well, which of course we hope it does, we should be back up and operating with an even greater capacity on Friday, May 16th. We look forward to these changes and are excited to share them with you.

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