Ordering and Menu Boards

When we reopen our Deli after the remodel there will be a few things that are very different.  The first thing you will most likely notice is that we have chosen to use monitors to project our menus for the juice, smoothie, coffee, sandwiches, beans and rice, and burrito bars.  The reason we have chosen this technology is primarily because we can edit our menus quickly and keep them current without having to put as much time, effort and materials into the process as is currently required.  Once you are inside the store, noticing our beautiful new menus, and have decided what you want to order, you will then continue to the 2 registers directly in front of you.  You will be able to order everything displayed on the menus at those 2 registers, pay for your items, and receive a receipt to match up with your order that will be ready for you at the pick-up area to your right as soon as it is complete.  Gone are the days of ordering from the juice bar and taking your card to a register to pay only to have to work your way back through the crowd to pick up your drink.  We have put a lot of thought and energy into trying to make the success that we have achieved a little more comfortable for everyone so that we can continue to make the products we love to make and you hopefully can get to them a little more easily.  We are excited to show you how this all will work, and will be out on the floor a lot in the reopening days and weeks to make sure this transition is smooth for everyone. 

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