Deli Eating Area and Parking

As the remodel date nears, I keep thinking of more details that I want to share with you so that everyone is as informed as they can be regarding our changes.  We are planning on closing the deli at 7 pm on Sunday June 22nd and reopening Tuesday July 1st.  During that time the eating area will also be closed so that we have a place to store our large equipment while remodeling the department.  The outside areas will remain open for everyone to gather in and enjoy.  We will also have a POD storage unit parked in one of our spaces down by the Deli Door for a few days while we temporarily move into it.  It will be relocated to our back lot on the 21st. 

There will be some contractors needing to park at times in our limited parking lot and most likely there will be a dumpster in one of our spots as well.  I realize this is an inconvenience to our store with its already limited parking areas.  If you are of sound body and are able to park a block away and enjoy a short walk in the beautiful spring weather to our store, we encourage you to do so and leave parking spots for those who may be unable to walk the extra distance.  Our friendly staff will be on hand to help you back to your car with groceries and assist you in any way to make your shopping enjoyable even through the changes.  Thank you so very much for your willingness to experience a little bit of our growing pains with us.  We appreciate you!

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