Beans and Rice

Why did you change the beans and rice from self serve to full serve? When we redesigned the department to provide more workspace for our employees, we had to make some sacrifices. We lost the hot well space that previously housed the beans and rice when we replaced the old salad bar with our beautiful new cold bar. Knowing that we would be adding a burrito and taco program to our offerings, we decided that the beans and rice could be combined in the new burrito station and continue being offered at basic pricing. Additionally, Co-op employees routinely observed customers abusing the rice and beans program by putting hot bar food into a container and either covering it with beans and rice, or simply closing the container, then requesting the beans and rice basic pricing of 2.99 and avoiding the hot bar pricing of $8.95 per pound. We saw an opportunity to remove this temptation and did so. On the bright side, the beans and rice are now a much fresher product as we are going through them much faster by using them on the burrito and taco program, and they are covered with a lid which maintains the moisture that makes them so delicious! Thank you for your understanding.

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