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First, let me start by saying thank you all so much for your understanding and patience while the deli is closed. We are excited to provide an upgraded workspace for our employees and a more enjoyable shopping experience for our customers. The biggest change you will notice when we open the doors is that you will place your orders for our juice, coffee & smoothie bar,... Read More
Just a reminder everyone, the Deli Department will close this Sunday the 22nd at 7 pm and reopen (fingers crossed) on Tuesday July 1st at 7 am.  The inside eating area will be closed during that time frame as well.  We apologize for the inconvenience this causes and have heard many customers fret about where they are going to eat while we remodel.  We take this feedback... Read More
As the remodel date nears, I keep thinking of more details that I want to share with you so that everyone is as informed as they can be regarding our changes.  We are planning on closing the deli at 7 pm on Sunday June 22nd and reopening Tuesday July 1st.  During that time the eating area will also be closed so that we have a place to store our large equipment while... Read More
Due to a more efficient ordering process and some technical difficulties that we cannot overcome, we have realized that when we reopen the deli after the remodel we will no longer be able to have our customers use pre-paid wheatgrass cards or our wheatgrass punch cards.  When we first implemented the pre-paid wheatgrass cards it was in response to customers having to order... Read More
After almost a year of planning and organizing we finally have a date for our deli remodel.  Please note that this may change by a day on either side, but we are hoping that we can commit to the dates of being closed from June 20th through the 28th.  We are hoping to reopen on Sunday June 29th.  Please keep in mind that the deli department will be closed these dates, but the... Read More
I want to take the time to explain how we will sell our Basic Pricing Beans & Rice after the remodel, to make sure you have time to understand the changes.  All beans and rice will still be priced within our Basic Pricing model.  However, they will no longer be self-serve.  We will no longer have enough hot wells out in the customer area to accommodate this program, so it... Read More
When we reopen our Deli after the remodel there will be a few things that are very different.  The first thing you will most likely notice is that we have chosen to use monitors to project our menus for the juice, smoothie, coffee, sandwiches, beans and rice, and burrito bars.  The reason we have chosen this technology is primarily because we can edit our menus quickly and... Read More
If you read the most recent newsletter, then you are aware of why we are remodeling the Deli Department. For those that did not, in a nutshell we are trying to provide increased workspace for our employees, improve the shopping flow for our customers, and as a result provide a more delightful shopping experience with better service. We’ll still have a line of self-serve... Read More
Our produce department will be getting new, more efficient vegetable displays next week. We are removing the produce display that greets you as you enter the store with boxed salads and berries in order to get ready for our Deli Remodel coming in June. We are then removing and replacing the entire line of vegetable displays that merchandise everything from the lettuces to the... Read More
I love fruit salsas especially paired with fish.  I usually gravitate towards a mango pineapple salsa but as the strawberries have been so luscious lately and mine in the yard are going to be hard to keep up with soon, I broke out of my fruit salsa comfort zone and made some strawberry salsa this weekend. I firmly believe that the kitchen is a place for experimentation and... Read More