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Welcome back to our Behind the Scenes blog series. So far you’ve meet the dynamic Produce and Deli teams. Next up, the department that is packed with protein, meet the Meat Department. Did you know? All of the fresh beef and lamb are local grass fed and grass finished meats. None of the seafood products contains Sodium Tripolyphosphate. The Meat Department... Read More
Rachel Rose, Assistant Produce Manager, shares her spring produce picks. Strawberries Most people are surprised to know that early spring are two of the best months out of the year for tasty strawberries. The first batch out of California is usually so sweet and full of flavor that the rest of the year I often shy away from strawberries. They just don’... Read More
Spring is most definitely upon us, and we are lucky enough to live in Southern Oregon where the weather during this time is usually (ahem) co-operative enough to let us get some plants in the ground in between the hail storms and rainbows.  There are actually many plants that do quite well in this time of transition, as they prefer the cooler temperatures that we get here... Read More
UPDATED  3/17/16 Ashland Food Co-Op of Ashland, Oregon issues the updated press release to clarify that we re-packed and sold Organic Raw Macadamia nuts in random weight bags at our retail store in Oregon only between January 5th, 2016 and February 4th, 2016.  We do not have any internet sale or distribute affected product outside Oregon. The Ashland... Read More
Garden of Life has issued a voluntary recall on all Raw Meal products shipped after August 15, 2015.  Please see the below link to Garden of Life’s blog for all lot numbers that they are recalling, as well as details of the recall. Read More
Rachel Rose, Assistant Produce Manager, shares her winter produce picks. The cells in our bodies are all made using the building blocks that we provide in the food that we eat, the air that we breathe and the water we drink. If we want healthy bodies, feeding ourselves and our families the cleanest healthiest foods is a real good start. We are what we eat! Burdock... Read More
Welcome back to our Behind the Scenes blog series. We recently took you into the colorful world of Produce. Now we’d like to introduce you to the department that enters beast mode daily: the Deli. Did you know? The Deli is working to eliminate all GMOs or GMO related products from their recipes and moving toward 100% organic products. Presently, they use 82%... Read More
Happy 2016! It’s a brand new year, new month, new day. No doubt many of you’ve made a variety of resolutions to make this year the best yet. The Co-op can help you succeed. How? Let us tell you. Here are 31 reasons why you should visit the Co-op every day this month to improve your life and your community. 1. You can own it! More than ever, we are aware of where every... Read More
You shop for groceries at the Co-op. For lunch, you often stop at the Deli for a quick meal from the Hot Bar. You meet friends outside on the plaza, give each other long hugs, and catch up on life. After a long week, you swing by for the Friday beer and wine tastings at the Kiosk. But how well do you really know the Co-op? Well, we’d like to tell you more about us and all... Read More
Can it really be that time of year again? 2015 was full of so many things for which to be grateful. Here’s a list of some of the highlights. We celebrated the 10-thousandth person to become a Co-op owner! Co-op ownership is a way to help create a more humane and democratic way to do business locally. A robust cooperative economy is one way to take a stand against corporate... Read More