Ashland Food Co-op gives donations of either $25 worth of the product of your choice, or a $25 gift card to eligible organizations that fill out a Donation Request Form and gain approval from our Donation Committee.  Because of high demand and a limited budget, organizations may receive ONE donation per calendar year.  Requests MUST be turned in two full weeks before the date needed.

You may pick up a Donation Form at the Information Desk, download the form here, or send a letter requesting one.  (noting "Attention: Donations" on the envelope).  Completed forms may be dropped off at the Information Desk, or mailed in.

When our Donation Committee has approved your donation, you will receive a phone call telling you about the status of your request.

If you requested a donation of product, you may shop for $25 worth of merchandise (no wine or beer), then let the cashier know that you are redeeming a donation. You may only shop one time, even if you do not use the full amount. If you have requested a Gift Card for a raffle or auction prize, we'll mail you the card if time allows. If there is a short deadline, you may pick up the Gift Card at the Information Desk.